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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Snow, Snow, and More... Freezing Rain???

New Year's Day we had 5" of snow and great sledding. The only good sledding snow in the last four years down in the valley.

Last night the snow was even better. But I had an all day meeting in the office. Checking in with my family throughout the day, my boys spent all day outside. The sledding was great. For them. 8^(

Before I even left the office, the landscape had been receiving a coat of freezing rain. The fun would be over. But wait...

Up ahead in the driveway there is a snow ramp and kids are falling down hard in the road. The ice coating is almost perfect and the roads are empty.

Several of us make the full trek up the road. Again and again. There was plenty of sledding left this night.

Tomorrow the muscles will ache and I have Part 2 of the two day meeting. 8 am.

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