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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Space-Based Programming

Another Java article from OnJava about space-based programming. Unfortunately the language-independent, SOAP-based Ruple project from Rogue Wave is defunct.

Observing relational database development and object database development way up close for about 20 years, I'd say space-based programming is a simpler, more effective model for 25-75% of the situations where a relational database, object database, or message bus applied. (Yes, that's a pretty wide percentage, but I'm hedging my bets since it is not based on any real statistics. Even 25% of these sitations is a *large* number representing a good deal of time and money.)

Space-based designs are applicable to "application-specific storage", many "workflow" and "web services choreography" situations, many "EAI" or "message-based" situations.

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