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Thursday, July 03, 2003

A Birthday Wish

No, not my birthday. Tomorrow is Independence Day in the USA.

I wish for a reasonable third party candidate.

Not a third party candidate for the far left, like Ralph Nader. Not a third party candidate for the far right, like Pat Buchanan.

Most people are middle of the road, by definition. The Democrat and Republican parties force most people to swing to the left or the right on all issues for better or worse. There is increasingly less room to be reasonable about anything. The parties don't mind dividing you in order to build a large enough coalition to get into or stay in office. They don't mind rigging election politics together to rule out strong middle of the road candidates. That's one of the few remaining issues they can agree on.

We need a third party candidate for the middle of the road. Most people are reasonable. A reasonably effective candidate with an effective (web-based?) fund raising plan should be able to pull people back to the center.

Or maybe one of the two parties will realize that the middle of the road is the best place to be.

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