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Thursday, July 31, 2003

What assumptions are *you* making right now?

Perl 6 looks to be delivered on the Parrot virtual machine, which looks to be more and more suitable as a target for the full Scheme language.

If the goal is truly to provide a universal base for executing any language then toss out the virtual machine altogether. Or at least abstract it away for language providers.

Don't make them twiddle with bits just because they implement "compilers". Let them simply translate to another higher level language, as Richard Kelsey demonstrated well over ten years ago!

We (the industry) seem to be stuck in a virtual machine rut. Has anyone asked why that's a good idea?

My track coach in high school told me what "assume" means 25 years ago. We base soooo much on unproven assumptions in this industry.

"Perl 6 to Scheme. Come in, Scheme."

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