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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Not on the Up and Up: Oil in the Caspian region

Also from Fresh Air on the 12th, listen to journalist Lutz Kleveman talk about his new book, The New Great Game. Pay attention to which side we're (the USA) on in the "game" for Caspian oil, then tell me we're in Iraq to liberate the people from an evil dictator.

Worse is to come: disgusted with the US's cynical alliances with their corrupt and despotic rulers, the region's impoverished populaces increasingly embrace virulent anti-Americanism and militant Islam. As in Iraq, America's brazen energy imperialism in Central Asia jeopardizes the few successes in the war on terror because the resentment it causes makes it ever easier for terrorist groups to recruit angry young men. It is all very well to pursue oil interests, but is it worth mortgaging our security to do so?

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