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Friday, September 03, 2004

How Absurd!

Nelson captures the absurdity...

I give the Bush campaign credit for their evil powers. There's a debate about the war record of Bush and Kerry. Whose service are we questioning? Are we talking about the Texas Air National Guardsman who flitted off to Alabama where no one can tell if he he really showed up for duty and he even lost his pilot qualification before leaving early to go back to school? No, we're debating the record of the the man who went to Vietnam and was awarded many medals for his leadership and service.

To win an election, the first thing you have to do is control the terms of the debate.


Anonymous said...

GOP Prism Distorts Some Kerry Positions

Michael Hedgpeth said...

I think the National Guard thing is absolutely stupid. OK, haven't we established that the guy was irresponsible when he was young (allthough managed to get a Yale degree and a Harvard MBA)? He had to give up alcohol in 1988 after a come to Jesus experience. What does this have to do with him being President? And it's not like Bush is saying, vote for me because I was a fighter pilot in the National Guard. In an interview, Bush said that Kerry's service was more honorable than his as well.

So, here we are, whatever happened 30 years ago happened. Now, who's going to run our country best in the next 4 years?

Can't wait until November 3...

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