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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I thought I would be miserable today. I find that I'm not feeling to bad. The majority of voters appear to get what they wanted. (Good luck.)

Those who did not vote will get more of the same.

I sympathize with those who are feeling miserable. However at this point I find myself thinking, at least we get to see Bush having to deal with his own mess. (Good luck.)

Life will go on, we may find each other out in the street again, exercising our freedoms such as they are.


Bruce -- said...

Reminds me of this quote:

"The cakewalk crowd cannot be permitted to get out from under this disaster that easily. They steered Bush into this war and should be made to see it through to the end and to preside over the withdrawal or retreat. Only thus can they be held accountable. Only thus can this neo-Jacobin ideology be discredited in America’s eyes. It is essential for the country and our cause that it be repudiated by the Republican Party formally and finally. The neocons must clean up the mess they have made, themselves, in full public view."

Anonymous said...

Well, I wish I had the same optimism.

How about the so-to-be-vacated three Supreme Court Justiceships? (I don't think Stevens can make it any more.)

How about the irreversible environmental damage?

Iraq, high on my list, is probably not important to most Bush voting retards in this coutry.

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