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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bleak House

Dickens wrote Bleak House as a satire on England's complex legal system. Try reading through these bleak rules (BCLTeam's weblog via James Robertson) and wonder about the difference a production-worthy IronPython and other dynamic languages could make in this universe...

  • The name of a generic type must encode the number of type parameters declared on the type. The name of a nested generic type must encode the number of type parameters newly introduced to the type. Typically done by the compiler automatically, you may encounter these "mangled" names when using Reflection over generic types.
  • Nested types shall have at least as many generic parameters as the enclosing type. Generic parameters in a nested type correspond by position to the generic parameters in its enclosing type. Typically done by the compiler automatically, this essentially means that nested types "inherit" the type parameters from their enclosing type.
  • A generic type must declare sufficient constraints to guarantee that any constraints on the base type or interfaces would be satisfied by the generic type constraints. The C# & VB.NET language already requires re-declaration of type constraints in this manner.
  • Types used as constraints on generic parameters must themselves be CLS-compliant. The natural continuation of existing CLS rule 11.
  • The visibility and accessibility of members (including nested types) in an instantiated generic type shall be considered to be scoped to the specific instantiation rather than the generic type declaration as a whole. This rule ensures languages with different accessibility rules for generic instantiation can interoperate.
  • For each abstract or virtual generic method, there shall be a default concrete (non-abstract) implementation. If you provide an abstract or virtual generic method, provide a concrete implementation so languages which can't define new generic methods can consume your API.
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