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Monday, May 02, 2005

More Evidence of Sanity in the World

Spain: Gay Marriage Will Soon Be Authorized
Le Nouvel Observateur

Wednesday 21 April 2005

The Congress has adopted a proposed law authorizing marriage between persons of the same sex as well as adoption. Senators are also expected to give their approval. It is anticipated that the law will be implemented this summer.


Anonymous said...

Belgium and the Netherlands allow gay marriages for several years now. And no ... these countries did not become cesspools of depravity :-)

N/A said...
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Anonymous said...

Calling that which is not marriage, marriage, hurts everybody. The Spanish redefining marriage is about as sane as them redefining gravity. Remember the Ministry of Truth in Orwell's novel 1984?


Patrick Logan said...

Some people believe that gravity is our understanding of a natural phenomenon.

Some people believe that marriage is a human creation.

I tend to believe all of those things.

I have also observed good friends who are gay live together and raise healthy children. Therefore while I do not believe we can "change" gravity, I certainly believe we can "change" marriage for the better.

I understand people have other beliefs, but I believe they are harmful beliefs and that nothing good can come from holding on to them.

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