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Monday, May 23, 2005

Touch Enough

A.H. observes Tim Russert "interviewing" Howard Dean. As a counterpoint to my last post, what happens when a Democrat does try to really talk about the war in a national forum...

The key exchange came when Dean raised the most critical point about Iraq:

DEAN: Because of the president’s actions, I would argue that we are in greater danger now because of what’s going on in Iraq than we were before. Now there are terrorists in Iraq. They have migrated there since our troops were there.

RUSSERT: Let me stay on your rhetoric…

Nice pivot, Tim. Yes, by all means, let’s stay on Dean’s rhetoric rather than on the insignificant fact that our country is less safe as a result of our invasion of Iraq. Good to see you’ve got your priorities in order.

Another reason why I don't watch "major" news networks.

As I write this one of the best programs for real news and interviews... Democracy Now is on my TV, on a local community cable channel from 5am to 6am M-F. But you can watch it on the Internet too.

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