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Friday, June 24, 2005

Longhorn and RSS???

This violates all sense of design. Is this their latest attempt to make a "new OS" compelling? What would a sensible developer think about "putting RSS into Linux"? What could that possibly mean that was advantageous to *anyone*???


Kevin Dangoor said...

I don't think it's so much of a leap: this is largely an Internet Explorer thing and it's the "IE team", as they were known until yesterday, that is putting this together. Firefox does RSS. Safari does RSS. And, so, IE will finally do RSS as well in Longhorn.

Ian Bicking said...

I can imagine putting RSS into Gnome, insofar as syndication feeds could be used as a sort of notification hub for the user, a core service that programmers can expect users to have available.

Anthony Tarlano said...

I think your bigotry has gotten in the way of your technical judgement. Heck ya it make sense to add rss support as a new assembly in the framework class library and to have it be a system for logging, communication between system, etc.

What exactly are you trying to make stick with this one?

chris smith said...

Are you comparing the Windows Operating System, which is essential a distribution sans productivity applications, with the Linux kernel?

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