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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Web Services in Stockholm

Another one from Panic From Fuzzy...

I saw this a lot with EJB. I was certainly guilty of it. Having achieved some success and decent understanding of EJB, I became an ardent defender of it even though it was terrible technology.

I see this same phenomena today with WS-*.

No kidding. There are very few ways to discuss design decisions rationally with programmers fascinated by sparkling technologies, unproven technologies that promise to be the only way to develop software in the near future.

Eventually these programmers will be older and will no doubt have learned some lessons too. Until then they have to make their own mistakes.

1 comment:

fuzzy said...

Thanks for the link Patrick. I always know when you link to me when my blog traffic spikes ;)

I saw this via Brenda Michelson's delicious.

If only we had seen this map earlier ... we wouldn't think WS-* was so complex ;)

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