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Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm Sorry

Gregor confesses...

At a session about stealth I asked Jay Adelson, Digg.com's CEO) which company he is with. Oops. On the bright side he told me that once he arrived for a talk, entering as Larry Page was leaving the stage. Jay went on to introduce himself and finished with "and you work for…" Doesn't misery love company!
I'm sorry. Are we supposed to know who the hell is the CEO of digg?

Likewise I could not pick Larry Page out of a lineup, nor tell you the name of his partner.

Yes, they've done good stuff, way more than I ever hope to. Or if I do, I couldn't care one iota if you ever recognize me. Sorry.


PetrolHead said...

Hmmm, so I certainly would align with you on the "I don't need to be famous" thing but there is a problem.

Those that have been successful may be the best people to talk to or learn from. You can certainly respect them for what they've done but you'll learn more by talking to them about how they did it.

And if you don't recognize them/know who they are how well can you seize those opportunities to learn?

Dan Creswell

Patrick Logan said...

I don't mind being introduced to interesting people, don't get me wrong. I just hope they're not offended if I don't recognize their faces or even some of their names.

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