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Monday, May 07, 2007

chromatic on silverspoon

chromatic wonders about duplicating silverspoon on linux...

I’m not sure that making the life of the marketing department of a convicted monopolist which just loves to embrace, extend, and extinguish competition is the best way to spread freedom through software.
Here's my deal: the MSFT community seems to hang on every word of every potential innovation from Redmond. The same is true to some extent in the Apple community, but to a far lesser extent. In part this could be so because MacOSX is based on Unix, and so the culture and innovations can cross over much more easily.

By and large Linux, Java, and the other various language-centered communities have the tools to innovate and the culture to innovate and *do* innovate more (in my preception - not formally measured) than the MSFT community.

And so would you rather your world be based on the governed pace of innovation from one large bureaucracy? Or would you rather have more freedom to move in directions and at a pace best suited to your market?

I can count all kinds of devices running Linux in my house, from several vendors. Not so for Windows. Getting silverspoon running compatible, not getting incompatible, etc. is not a good choice when given the choice to be more innovative, whether based on Adobe Flex/Apollo or anything else.

"Anything but MSFT." seems to be the most logical choice unless your market is already so caught up in MSFT's and your interests are so closely aligned with theirs.

They will *not* give you the tools you need unless that meets their needs. You choose.

Better to ignore them or force them to play your game, than try to play theirs.

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