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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Fuzzy wrote about the final game of the College World Series. The Beavers won. I write this in case your corner of the world is not rejoicing as loud as ours. I've got the games on Tivo and I've been going back for the third and fourth time watching the double plays, the throws to home, the clutch scoring with two outs. So many firsts for the Beavers in this series, even more incredible than last year's team, which had a few of its own.

This photo goes back a few games in this year's College World Series, but it's a great shot of a fantastic double play. The kid is a freshman. Look out.
As it turned out I was on the Oregon State campus Monday. I was in a building across the street from the site of the celebration when the team arrived back from Omaha. The people leading the meeting wanted to be at the rally, and so did most of the attendees. So we headed over there, and here I am.

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