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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Who's going to build this new Web?

What "new" web?

Scoble is talking about flash, apollo, silverspoon, sun's whatever-it's-called, etc...

It's too early to say who will win.
Sure there is... the one that is most "on the web". Right now the winner among the list above looks like apollo. But these will inspire Firefox and Safari.

There are two clear losers on "the client side": anything Microsoft and anything Java (e.g. Sun's whatever-it's-called).

On to the irony. By way of introducing himself, he writes...

In my day job, I create videos about the technology industry for Podtech.net.
I never read Scoble much when he was writing. Now he is video'ing. Which is kind of ironic. There are very few complaints about how difficult it is to link into a spot in a video. That may explain why he's now writing a column for Fast Company.

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