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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Erlang at History of Programming Languages III

Here is the PDF from Joe Armstrong's talk (n.b. it's a PDF) at the recent ACM History of Programming Languages III event.

What is Erlang?

  • Concurrent (processes belong to Language – NOT OS)
  • Very light-weight concurrency (lighter than threads)
  • “Share nothing” process semantics
  • Pure asynchronous message passing
  • Core language is a simple dynamically typed FPL
  • Non-pure extensions (ets) for implementing databases.
  • Mechanisms for in-service code upgrade
  • Large set of libraries (OTP)(Unix <-> C <==> OTP <-> Erlang)

1 comment:

Lawouach said...

And that's why Erlang is such a fantastic tool. I really mean tool as a "useful thing you can actually build things upon" :)

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