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Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Open Source Twitter Clone

I am not a twitterer, er, one who twits. Well some might argue with
that last bit.

But one thing I've wondered is why the fascination with this service
that as far as I know is run by one outfit, has some "issues" (e.g. I
clicked on Mike Herrick's twitter URL the other day and each time saw
nothing but apologies from twitter for failing to work properly), and
is not federated across multiple providers as with, well, the web.

And I've wondered why people don't just use XMPP which is a federated
messaging platform with pub/sub topics etc. Or why not create a
twitter-ish system that can be federated.

So someone just published the source to an erlang-based twitter clone...


I don't know if this specific clone is the answer, but it begs the question.


ed said...

why the fascination? because it's fun. for me, it's that simple. and my friends/colleagues use it.

but yeah, if the issues with twitter continue, then the fun factor will diminish. and i'd be totally open to something that did the tweet thing better, now that i've bought into the value of the tweet concept.

it's been a rough week for the twitter.

Erik Onnen said...

Ah, but at best this is a partial work-alike and nowhere near a clone. I don't see the two more difficult portions of the twitter-verse to scale. One of those is that Twitter does use XMPP as both a source and distribution protocol. Didn't see that here. Additionally, Twitter uses SMS as both source and distribution. Servicing the SMS side of the house would be quite difficult, Twitter doesn't pay for SMS the way consumers do as a result of their volume.

Pete Kirkham said...

Last year at XTech Twitter and Jaiku were talking about federating after Twitter's presentation on how they use XMPP; I don't know if anything happened, but they're well aware of the technology.

Patrick Logan said...

"why the fascination? because it's fun. for me, it's that simple. and my friends/colleagues use it."

I'm just sayin. It's become a "thing" for me -- I can't start now because I'm too stubborn to make it not a "thing". Lord knows there'd be nothing left for people to laugh at me about. =8^o

No I think if I started now I'd be the camel and all of twitter would come crumbling down because of my extra load.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is yonkly at www.yonkly.com

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