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Monday, June 02, 2008

Microsoft Wants To Give You A Vulnerable Flash

From Steve Loughran...

SANS is issuing an emergency warning that XP SP3 installs a version of flash with security holes, even over a later version.
And you use Windows, again, why?

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Barry Kelly said...

Because it's still better than everything else?

The X Window System on Linux is simply hideous, as well as a cruel, tortuous game vis a vis device drivers - not even free source hackers these days use Linux, while OS X is only available on Apple-sold hardware, has no good gaming options, has no good business penetration, has no IDE in the class of Visual Studio, etc. etc. - the list of OS X deficiencies is almost without end. The biggest problem with Apple software (and hardware, for that matter) is its closed nature.

My iPod nano (gen 2) has one of the buggiest implementations of an mp3 player I've ever seen - it literally crashes about 30% of the time I play a new podcast immediately after disconnecting from my PC - and I haven't seen any updates from Apple for anything other than their latest hardware. (I have a nano gen 3, but it is less physically usable than the gen 2, so I don't use it.)

Having seen iTunes, and played with Apple hardware, I can tell you it'll be a long long time before I buy anything made by them again.

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