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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thoughts on the Newark Airport

I can think of several airports to spend over a quarter of a day in that might even be somewhat pleasant. My own PDX would be high on that list.

Not making the cut would be Newark, NJ. Has this airport been even considered for remodeling since I was last here, about 25 years ago???

The most curious difference: the bars are run by the breweries. And so there is a "Miller's" bar and a "Budweiser" bar. Thankfully there is also a "Sam Adams" bar.

I guess folks in the NYC area do not hate _all_ things about Boston.

But what happens when you are traveling with a party with varying tastes?


stu said...

I remember 5 years ago one of the big Continental terminal hubs (C?) was completely remodeled, and was even mildly pleasant. I recall A and B being pretty crappy, like LaGuardia Terminal A without the small-sized charm.

Patrick Logan said...

Let's hope I get the good one on the return.

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