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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Collaboration Components

From Ryan Stewart on Adobe's

"Being able to add collaboration components to your own applications.
That's where CoCoMo is going to come in. You can check out more at the
Collaborative Methods blog. We're exposing almost all of the
functionality from Connect Now into components that you can use inside
of your own Flex applications. Even better, CoCoMo will provide all
the hooks you need to add a real-time collaborative element to your
application. There's a recording available from a meeting with the
CoCoMo team if you're interested in more info."


There will be hands on development events at the MAX conference...

"The first session is going to be more of an overview, really
highlighting the scope of functionality offered by Cocomo, along with
a few simple sample apps to get the audience started. For the second
session, we're choosing one big sample AIR app that ties a bunch of
functionality together, and using it as a framing device for diving
into some slightly more advanced topics. Both should be a lot of fun -
multi-user apps are so much more interesting to build than single-user
apps, "cloud computing" is a pretty hot topic these days, and you'll
likely walk out of either session with something.. actually working."


It's about time the collaborative software landscape started shaping up again.

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