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Monday, October 06, 2008

Big Bottom

"Just talked to trader in Brooklyn who says he's hopeful we're near
the bottom. And why not, you know?"


An entertaining activity may be to go back through the last six months
or so of financial news to find all the predictions about having hit

No. We will know we've hit bottom as we are on the way *up*. There are
still far too many people claiming no one knows who owes what to whom
in order to even guess where the bottom may be.

This seems to be far deeper than any first level financial system
apologist could fathom. They will not know where bottom is.

BTW, Here's your man for leading the bailout...

Yes, he is from Goldman Sachs. But you can trust him. Certainly.

I mean, there's a flag right there, behind him.

I bet he's even a Republican.

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