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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oregon's Two Dem Sens: Go Mount Hood!

Oregon now has two Democrat senators.


It's not easy to replace a senator, especially in Oregon. Now there
are two Democrats. The pair are both relatively young and could remain
in office together for many terms.

Not so long ago Oregon had two fairly moderate Republicans who did
very well serving together for a long time. Mark Hatfield served five
terms and especially stands out for me as a true "maverick". He stood
up to his party and the senate generally on several military issues
including the Vietnam War.


Bob Packwood had his share of problems, but all in all was on the
better side of the senator scale.

Wyden and Merkly can do good things for Oregon and the country. For my
own interest, we should get a decent wilderness bill passed. Oregon is
woefully low on land actually designated as wilderness. In the
Portland area specifically they should come up with a better Mount
Hood Wilderness act than Wyden could get with Smith. And they should
be able to get it passed through a Democrat Senate and House.

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