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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So Called

I get frustrated listening to smart people talk about things they are only marginally familiar with. Part I of this recording was interesting... people talking about their own experience with specific systems and practices.

Part II of this recording is frustrating because they've not called in anyone with experience with XP, and so debate XP as they understand it. Not that they don't have good experiences and smart things to say here and there. Just that this one could have been much better.

Good software development evolves from a team's conversation about what's working for them. The heart of XP in my experience are practices that foster a teams conversations. Those practices should themselves evolve from those conversations.

This recording has some good conversations, but mostly I am frustrated because I'd love to be a part of their conversation.

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Matt Youell said...

That sounds a lot like what's been going on with a discussion about TDD on the Stackoverflow podcast. Here are two guys who are experienced and smart, but are talking about something they only have a passing familiarity with. So while a lot of what they are saying has merit, it is tinged by ignorance of the topic.

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