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Friday, April 10, 2009

XPDX April: Bugs Do Not Exist

This month's http://xpdx.org meeting...


Chris Sterling and Michael Tardiff are coming to Portland and will be
running April's XPDX session:

"We know about items on the product backlog, and getting them to
"Done." We know about impediments, and removing them as soon as
possible. And agile methods lead us toward shipping software with zero
defects, we hope. But bugs remain, for now, and we think of and treat
them quite differently from stories, tasks, and other work
items—perhaps to our, and our project's, detriment.
Buy why? We need your help finding an answer, or posing better questions.

In this interactive session, we'll explore the wealth of thoughts,
opinions, and especially the strong feelings behind the things we call

>>> Pizza is sponsored by YesMail <<<

Pizza arrives at 6:30pm, the session starts at 7pm, and at 9pm we move
on to a local bar.

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