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Friday, August 29, 2003

Windley's gone off the deep end!

I know, you're going to hate this idea. You're going to say "Windley's gone off the deep end!" and "I'll never use Microsoft's ID program!" and "Microsoft will turn it to commercial advantage!" All of those things may be true, but the alternative, in my opinion, is much worse. At some point, legislatures, spurred on by their constituents, will undertake to solve this problem and no matter how well intentioned, you'll lake that solution even less---I promise.

I may not like a legislated solution but it has some advantages:

  • I vote for my representatives. (They don't give me the time of day, but they do give me form letters.)
  • I don't use Outlook at home. (I have to at work.)
  • I don't use Windows at home.

But actually...

  • There is no reason Microsoft cannot conform to a standard.
  • I don't want this at all, from anybody.

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