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Friday, July 16, 2004

Bush is a Word Weasel

Bush says Kerry does not support the troops and "There is nothing complicated about supporting our troops". But does he walk the talk?

In spite of this simplistic sound bite, Bush has actually cut support for the troops in terms of pay, veterans' benefits, and, oh, yeah: even meals available to active troops in Iraq.

And what's that issue about lack of sufficient armor?

The word weasel also weasel'd out of serving appropriately during the Vietnam war. What did Kerry do? Oh, yeah, earn several earn several purple hearts and a silver star.

I would not hold avoiding service against anyone because, based on my beliefs, I would have to be a conscientous objector and serve in a non-combat role. But Bush did not take this approach... he weaseled.

Bush is a lying weasel that clear thinking Republicans should not tolerate. Kerry and Edwards (again despite the rhetoric) have very moderate voting records in the Senate. They are in actuality much closer to a moderate Republican's beliefs than is Bush.

The lying-dangerous-to-the-world-and-our-troops-weasel Bush.


Anonymous said...

You said:

"Kerry and Edwards (again despite the rhetoric) have
very moderate voting records in the Senate."

Are you sure? In fact, the opposite is true:

Either you didnt' know, or you are being dihonest. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are suck a stupid mother fucker that its barely worth the time to post this comment.

Buy a vowel for once in your life and get real. Bush is da Man, and if you don't like it, you can just put a pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger.

Goodbye, you liberal piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

this seems to be a good place to see the correct facts on campaign mis-truths -- http://www.factcheck.org/ -- seems to be non-partisan.

Michael Hedgpeth said...

I don't know about you guys, but I was kind of on the fence with the whole politics thing until the post where they guy called Patrick a "Liberal Piece of Shit". I was really thinking to myself, "Kerry or Bush...or Nader?" until the comment. All of the sudden, a light bulb came on and I have decided to support Bush. I guess it was the strong use of language and lack of any cogent argument that did me in... Thanks for changing my life, whoever you are...

Anonymous said...

If there's nothing complicated about supporting our troops then why doesn't George Bush simply pay them a million dollars a day?

Anonymous said...

Slight problem, it ISN'T Bush that is harming the troops. On the contrary it is Congress, mainly the democratic side of Congress. A bill was put through just recently which was to raise the pay of the troops, get them better and more base housing for families, and get them body armor (something which I note the blogger mentioned). Problem is it never even got to Bush's desk, it was voted down in Congress by the Democrats INCLUDING John Kerry.... So again tell me who isn't supporting the troops? Cause it sounds like Kerry is more against them than Bush right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh one further note, on the purple hearts, none of them were earned legitimatly. The congressional act on purple hearts states that they must be earned by fulfilling all three of the following qualifications:

1. Be caused by enemy fire.
2. Be of severity to require a hospital stay of AT LEAST 3 days or qualify you for such a stay (the qualify part had to be put in because alot of servicemen were going AWOL from hospitals... Not to run back home, but rather to return to their units and continue the fight).

Kerry's purple hearts did not meet ANY of therse criteria as far as I am aware. He has only had the records released for his Fitrep and his first purple heart. First the fitrep stated he needed constant supervision, did not know how to do his duty, and his commanding officers didn't trust him to do his job. The Purple heart was due to a 4mm scratch on his arm received when he detonated a grenade too close to himself while chasing non-combatants away. yeah real heroic there. And it has been brought to light that his last purple heart was given to him quickly to get him the hell out of Nam because he was a danger to his unit. Try checking out:

http://www.swiftvets.com sometime for the truth from the people actually there with him and his commanders.

Patrick Logan said...

The Washington Times is owned by the Moonies, who make the John Birch look like Paul Wellstone.

The swift boat web site is funded by right wing wackos who never served with Kerry. The Republican senator, John McCain, has denounced the outright lies. He should know. As a former POW, the Bush campaign in the 2000 primaries also unfairly attacked his war record too. This is all Bush can do to distract attention from his own record, or lack thereof.

I think we're going to have to disagree on whom to trust for information.

Another example, more fair and balanced newspapers report that the Bush Administration, and not the Democrats, are failing to support the troops and their pay.

Goodbye, you liberal piece of shit.Impressive.

Anonymous said...

It is not a good idea to allow anonymous posts.
If people feel so strongly about an issue they should just sign up.

But maybe they are just lazy like me :) , there is no reason for sombody to call somebody else a "liberal piece of shit". None, it says nothing, it adds nothing, it means nothing , it is just useless.

Really, how old are we?

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