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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Why Not Try The Road Less Travelled?

Phil Windley writes...

I was having a discussion with some engineers about what languages to use in various portions of a project. There was a core piece that really needs to be optimized for performance to the greatest extent possible and other parts where cross-platform and user interface issues dominate. I began to realize that almost no recent development in programming languages helps with the former. We're probably still going to write it in C++, with all its warts, so that we can compile it.
Oh my. At least read this PDF first, especially the section by Jonathan Sobel.

1 comment:

kbm said...

Hi, Pat,

Thanks for thois pointer to a wonderful document (http://kbm.blogspot.com/2004/07/ok-im-starting-to-get-this.html).

But where is the section by Jonathan Sobel; I can see a couple of quotation ( including the excellent Jon Rossie - does he have a web site?))


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