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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

May the best VM win?

A good deal more information on pycore, the Python implemented in VisualWorks Smalltalk. The good news is based on a fairly simple implementation, not on the performance-oriented ideas still in design. So is the race on for comparing the performance of pycore and IronPython? IronPython is more complete, but performance-wise, pycore is showing more potential at this point.

Quoting from the pycore item...

The interpreter is currently complete, except for 'exec'; the simple translator is substantially behind; and the optimized translator is only at the design stage. Nevertheless, some Python programs run faster even with the pycore simple translator than with CPython, for example:

  • Recursive fibonacci function, 9x faster
  • Iterating over a large list of integers, 5x faster
  • Creating a list element-by-element, 2x faster
  • Accessing an attribute by calling a method, 2.5x faster

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