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Monday, August 09, 2004

Some kind of a showdown: But what kind?

I am not exactly sure what Jon is asking for in his Showdown at the VM Corral.

What I think we need is a way to connect lightweight processes from multiple runtimes and distributed runtimes as easily (and simultaneously as *robustly*) as lightweight processes can be connected in Erlang.

We need to think less about the VM (and even less than that about the OS) and more about (sometimes distributed) interprocess communication. But we need to do this without the heavy burden of the WS-* ice field.

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Anonymous said...

I don't really understand what Jon is talking about either. He talks about vm's making programming easier and safer. I would argue that if one feels that programming is easier and safer it is because of language and library design and the rise of personal computing.

I really do not understand this whole VM hype thing (and in fact it seems Microsoft is reluctant to even call .Net a VM). I agree with you that we need to think less about VMs.

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