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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ingredients for Post Modern Computing

Quoting Sean McGrath from another item...

JVM + dynamic languages + XML + servlets + asynchronous messaging, which, to my way of thinking, are most of what is needed for flexible, scalable Web Services at least for the next century or so.
Let's look at these ingredients:
Asynchronous Messaging
Yes, this is the foundational paradigm.
Well, yes, because that's what's expected. OK.
OK, if you take this generically to mean some kind of simple framework for plugging in responders to external requests (e.g. see the design of SmallWiki in this PDF).
Dynamic Languages
Of course. Goes without saying.
Huh? Nope. I draw the line here. Why is the JVM necessary or desirable, even for cross-platform languages?

1 comment:

Stefan Tilkov said...

Because it's the largest set of cross-platform runtime libraries you can get for free?

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