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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Paradigms of Coordination

What I would consider paradigms of coordination: CSP, Linda, Erlang/OTP, and OVAL, nee Object Lens, nee Information Lens. I'm sure there're some good ones I've omitted.

One thing each of these have in common: the separation of verbs for coordination from verbs for action.


Robert Sayre said...

I'm a little confused. Everyone knows HTTP isn't perfect. But I consider HTML/JavaScript to be what you would call "verbs for action." Totally fluid and impossible to pin down. Not going to displace Erlang for writing cellular network software any time soon, but it does enable participation, which is what makes the Web. Or am I missing your point?

Patrick Logan said...

HTTP is the Web 1.0 and so it will be the foundation of Web 2.0. But for Web 2.0 we need some principles and guidelines that were not needed for Web 1.0.

In particular we need to get away from associating the HTTP server from "the" application server. And so we need to get away from POST as this overloaded verb that "tells the application server what action to take".

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