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Monday, February 28, 2005

Classic Rock

Paul Beard uses The Doors as his canary. Tim Bray uses Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Those both work for me. We have (at least?) three Classic Rock radio stations in my area, so I can bounce around those to avoid commercials as well as worn-out music (and beyond into jazz, community radio, progressive politics, sports, etc.)

The best station though has the weakest signal. Two of the stations are here in Portland. The best one comes out of Corvalis where I suppose there is less commercial pressure, or maybe they're just not owned by a conglomerate with a corporate play list.

In fact the Corvalis station, KLOO-FM, reminds me a lot of early 1970's album-oriented stations that don't just play the "hits". They play the songs they want, wherever the song shows up on the album.

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infidel said...

KCDX broadcasts out of Florence, AZ (southeast of Phoenix). No commercials, no DJs, just classic rock 24/7. It's basically just a computer or cd-changer set on "shuffle" connected to a radio antenna. It's very cool. The owner operates a number of regular radio stations and subsidizes KCDX for his own enjoyment and the rest of us get to eavesdrop for free.

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