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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pig Piling

WS-xxx, SOA, ... pig pile!

I agree with Sean. Carlos last few articles have really been a blast reading.

Then over on the other side of the room, speaking of blasts, James is pointing to Jonathan Schwartz's blasting away at WS-xxx hell as well.

From Herr Schwartz...

Web services may collapse under its own weight. No one at the conference said this. Those are my words. I'm beginning to feel that all the disparate web service specs and fragmented standards activities are way out of control. Want proof? Ask one of your IT folks to define web services. Ask two others. They won't match. We asked folks around the room - it was pretty grim. It's either got to be simplified, or radically rethought.

As you know, I also believe simplicity and volume always win - and that today's web services initiatives are in danger of vastly overcomplicating a very simple (really simple) solution.

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