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Sunday, February 20, 2005

WTF? Solved: burnatonce

Update: The winner is burnatonce. I downloaded the software and had the CD burned in less than 1/2 hour. I got my refund from the 24-hour company and will apply it as a donation to burnatonce.

Not sure why Microsoft doesn't make their CD burner more easily available to XP users than to download a 12MB Windows Server 2003 package, while suggesting XP users download some guy's freeware that doesn't work. End of update

OK. I want to burn an ISO image onto a CD using Windows XP. The information from Microsoft says they don't have that capability, but to try some guy's free (beta) software! Thanks a lot. Glad my money's being put to good use up there in Redmond.

Hey, I've got an idea. Maybe I should just run some guy's free software from the ground up and skip this whole Windows thing. But OK, I install this guy's free software. But when I burn the CD an error immediately pops up... error code 1800183298837 or something. This guy must have worked at Microsoft recently. No wonder they recommend his stuff.

Then I try Nero Buring ROM. (Ha! Ha! I get it.) Problem is the software sucks so bad out the user interface that I want nothing more than to burn the Nero software itself.

Next I try MagicISO. Installs quick. Simple interface. BAM! The trial cannot burn an ISO greater than 300MB. Thanks. Seems useful enough that I decide to spend the $30 USD right then and there. The order process goes OK.

I get the email confirming my purchase. Great. But there is no key to register the software in the email. And there is no URL in the email to get a non-trial version.

Let's actually read the email.

Your order will be fulfilled directly by company that develops the software. Orders are generally fulfilled very quickly, however, please allow up to 24 hours.
%@($#^!& What is this? A 24-hour turn-around for an electronic purchase? (I chose not to spend the extra $10 USD to get a CD!)

I guess this time tomorrow I will be burning an ISO image on a CD.

With any luck.


Marc Ramsey said...

Go to:


Download and install a copy of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools (which works fine on XP), then run cdburn.exe. Works quite nicely for burning the odd Linux ISO 8^)

EuGeNe said...

try http://www.burnatonce.com/

I was struggling with ISO on windows as well ... it solved all my problems.

It is a donationware.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you could boot into Knoppix (or other suitable live CD), mount your partition, and then use the CD burning tools which are probably provided (K3b, perhaps, or cdrecord). The only problem is burning a Knoppix CD in the first place - I suppose you'd have to order one from somewhere. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey...wisper okay? don't start dealing with OSs - it's a dead end street. im serious. anyways, you're invited to blog ladder. here's the link but don't spill the beaners:

* www.blogladder.com *

keep it on the hush hush. alright?

Blaine said...

I had the same problem and then ran into this little gem:


It works GREAT! I was shocked after trying so many dud freeware and shareware solutions.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm offended by your language. I use Stomp and it works well.

Clayton O'Neill said...

I use http://www.burn4free.com/ at work all the time and have had no problems with it.

kefeer said...

probably when i stuck with something alike i'll use this:


Chris Bilson said...

It's probably too late, but for my $0, DeepBurner has never failed me.

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