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Friday, July 29, 2005

Tiger and Termite

I installed Tiger this week on my Mac. I had Jaguar and skipped Panther, so this is a big step up... I love it. Dashboard, Spotlight, I have to spend more time with the Mac.

Ugh. Gambit Scheme (and so Termite) just compiles on my Linux box. I expect it not to compile all that well on Cygwin. It does compile but I need to track down things like getting libuuid to work right. Dynamic loading may never work right I suppose.

But I did expect Gambit to compile more easily on MacOSX which is just a Unix. Gambit really likes Linux apparently. The compile went OK, but the tests are breaking in the most unexpect places... like fairly simple interpreter tests.

I am eager to run Termite on Linux, MacOSX, and Windows concurrently and migrate processes around the horn just for kicks.


Anonymous said...

Tiger usually uses gcc 4.0 by default. Do a gcc_select 3.3 and see wether a recompiled gambit does work again. Many projects don't yet work with gcc 4.0.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that you have the Terminte source or are you just preparing? And, if you have it, where can we get it? ;)


Patrick Logan said...

I have an "alpha" version of Termite, kicking the tires for Guillaume. He's busy for a few weeks and then is planning to release it generally when it has been tested and documented a bit more.

I'll try the gcc_select 3.3 later this weekend. Right now I have to go out and build a shed in the sunshine.

Thanks for the tip.

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