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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Microsoft Surface

(via Don Box)

Looks good on the surface: Microsoft Surface.

Bad pun. Interesting device with a lot of potential: I need to read more to understand how it is programmed. It looks like a machine with Windows Vista. But how well can it act like a programmable client device for other machines to interact with?

What is the cost? Their current market seems to be positioned fairly "exclusively", listing restaurants, hotels, and casinos. The future direction is positioned more mass market. A lot of fun and useful potential for all kinds of applications.

(Oh, but that Adobe Flash web site is not very Restful! Please use *real* links!)


Steve said...

Looks like they've been looking at Jeff Hahn's work. I tagged this video some time ago, and it's now acquired a Microsoft ad before the main presentation.

Steve said...

Sorry, that's "Jeff Han". I wonder if Microsoft are reading my blog :-)

b said...

Actually, according to this http://multi-touchscreen.com/microsoft-surface-video-multi-touch-jeff-han-apple-bill-gates.html

Microsoft has been working on this since 2001!

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