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Thursday, May 17, 2007

PDF Creator -- PDF Print Driver for Winders

I just came across, and started using, PDF Creator. Now when someone sends me a MSFT office document, I can easily save it as PDF for all to use, anywhere, more efficiently. This still happens a lot at large, enterprisey places.

I've bought PDF print drivers for low cost in years past, but this is open source and seems to work fine. It uses ghostscript, and there is an installer with and without ghostscript, depending on if you need that too.

Pick up gsview while you are at it.


John said...

If by "use", you mean "read" or "print", I guess...

Boris Popov said...

CutePDF's been around for ages, works great and is also free (as in beer),


Patrick Logan said...

"use" -- yes, I rarely "use" MSFT office documents other than read.

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