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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Ward Cunningham on open source, wikis, etc. as he joins AboutUs...

I'm fortunate to have been closely involved with a number of important shifts in our industry. I try to keep track of developments in patterns and agile but have chosen to focus my day-job attention on open source. This is not out of casual interest. The rationale for open source goes well beyond cost sharing to the very means by which we create knowledge, a theme that runs through all my work.

I bring this up now because there is one more shift with my finger prints on it that has been developing nicely and now demands more of my attention. Wiki is the tail that wags me. It is the little thing created in service of programming that grew bigger than programming itself.

In a week I will join AboutUs, a wiki company founded in 2005, as Chief Technology Officer. I’m honored to join their team. This company understands the power of the wiki concept and how to put it to productive use.

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