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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Push The Big Red Button. Yes, *That* One.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer...

Microsoft Corp. is turning to an oversized red button in its latest bid to broaden the appeal of its Xbox 360 video-game console.

The company announced plans Tuesday to introduce an alternative Xbox 360 controller, featuring a large button in the style of a game-show buzzer, meant to be less intimidating to new gamers...

"It's super-easy to use," said Shane Kim, the corporate vice president in charge of Microsoft Game Studios...

The controller, dubbed the "Big Button Pad," won't be sold on its own initially, and it's not expected to supplant the regular Xbox 360 controller. But Microsoft hopes more game developers will make use of it. The company showed versions with large buttons in different colors, not just red...

"We're certainly not feeling any pressure to react to anything that Sony has done," Kim said.

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