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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Intel C/C++ STM Compiler

James Reinders, who lives just down the road a bit, announces a prototype C/C++ compiler with Software Transactional Memory...

We have a lot to learn before we can decide whether STM offers some relief from locks (they are NOT going away) and offers help for programming, or for tools which compose programs automatically. We think that the existence of a C/C++ compiler supporting Software Tranactional Memory (STM) would be a great help. So... Today, we released a prototype version of the Intel C/C++ Compiler with support for STM. It is available from Whatif.intel.com. The Intel STM Compiler supports Linux and Windows producing 32 bit code for x86 (Intel and AMD) processors. We hope that the availability of such a prototype compiler allows unprecedented exploration by C / C++ software developers of a promising technique to make programming for multi-core easier.
That's a healthy attitude. Have fun with it.

If you *are* interested in STM (well, I'm not), then you might consider how a system like Gambit Scheme, which compiles to C, could use this new C compiler. (You'd also have to consider how the Gambit Scheme interpreter does the same.)

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