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Thursday, September 27, 2007

When it rains, it pours i/o all over Erlang

klacke adds to the erlang i/o discussion as he did with the regexp discussion, with a faster library...

Originally at Bluetail, we had some serious problems with high performance file I/O, especially line oriented such.

I then wrote a portable (yes win32 too) linked in driver for fast FILE I/O. It's based on an old and hacked version of the BSD FILE* interface. It's called bfile and we've been using it in pretty much all projects during the past 8 years. I've prepared a tarball of it at


2> bfile:load_driver().
4> {ok, Fd} = bfile:fopen("Makefile", "r").
5> bfile:fgets(Fd).
6> bfile:fgets(Fd).
7> bfile:fgets(Fd).
14> bfile:fread(Fd, 10000).
15> bfile:fread(Fd, 10000).

1 comment:

Pichi said...

I'm not sure that bfile is significantly faster than file implementation, I think it's slower.

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