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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And Then There Were Three... Then Five Again

Mike? He gone.

He formed the band, a little over a year ago, chartered to launch an open source project within a large "vertical". That was four charters, a CIO, one viking, and Joanne ago.

Don't ask. That's the nature of large "verticals" and being a small team, unlike any other, weaving in and out of the established structures. We got pretty good at writing charters on the wiki.

But in between we've done some pretty good work across a couple tables of old Dells running the Ubuntu server. And we're still being asked to be creative, agile, and infectious, which is not often the nature of large "verticals".

This fourth charter could stick. We're back to a full complement of five. And a real budget. And simple tools for restful web services.

Good luck, Mike. You made a lot of good things happen and made them a lot of fun. And took more than one for the team. Now your original charter has come around... nice.

Bird of prey.

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