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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Processing Around Restful Web Services

JJ Dubray asks and Stefan Tilkov responds...

Is your solution also about implementing complex processes that are likely to change on sophisticated business objects such as an insurance policy or claim?

I’ll happily agree that if you’re after a BPM-style solution, REST is not the first choice... clearly there’s no equivalent of BPEL for plain RESTful HTTP.

I think this is another false dichotomy. The most complicated business process could still incorporate GET, POST, PUT. Why on earth not?

As it happens, I work on Restful Web Services for insurance, including policies and claims. So if JJ or anyone wants to work out some details, that collaboration could be educational for both of us.

Update: I created a wiki for this collaboration.


Bob said...

Wanna work it out here, in comments, or work it out in email and then post the outcome? Or some other way?

stu said...

I think one could divide an insurance policy's data & biz contraints into uniform resources. I mean, we're able to divide it into relations for storage in an RDBMS....

Patrick Logan said...

"I mean, we're able to divide it into relations for storage in an RDBMS"

Exactly. I don't get the original claim, which I've heard several times, that Rest is incompatible with business process / workflow kinds of things.

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