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Monday, April 28, 2008

Wallhoo or Yahmart?

I stand by my very brief post a few weeks ago: yahoo and wallmart should merge. Yahoo has the internet savvy and infrastructure. Wallmart has the sales and distribution. Yahoo needs to get out from under search and ads as their model. Wallmart needs to get on the web better to compete with Amazon, Apple's itunes, etc.

Who else is going to compete with Amazon? I wonder if a Google / Wallmart merger would go through? Not as likely as Yahoo, and Google does not (yet?) feel the need like Yahoo should.


Unknown said...

Egads, if the yahoo/microsoft cultures were worlds apart, the yahoo/walmart are universes apart. And thinking of walmart as non-internet savvy might not be giving them enough credit.

Bob Haugen said...

Too good an idea to happen...

Anonymous said...

Surely you meant Wahoo! or Y'allMart.

Patrick Logan said...

Walmart's internet savvy -- maybe they have this. I consider myself fairly plugged in but have not noticed Walmart's internet savvy, so I have to doubt that they are anywhere near the ability to compete with Amazon.

Culture clash -- yes, sure. But combining the culture of an established box store with the culture of an established on-line leader seems a better thing to attempt than a culture clash between that on-line leader and the seemingly anti-internet that is Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

maybe you guyz should see this---> http://yah-mart.com lmao!

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