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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Manchurian Minister

In reference to James Snell's recent post and subsequent comments
about Obama and Jeremiah Wright. This is a Big Media misdirection.

What about McCain's follies, e.g. singing "Bomb, bomb, bom, bomb. bomb
Iran" to the tune of the Beach Boy's "Barbara Ann"??? Do you want this
person to lead the free world???

What about McCain refusing to stand down from John Hagee's
endorsement??? Hagee being the self-proclaimed "Christian" who to this
day believes the flooding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is
due to homosexuality.

Politics. I'm not crazy about Obama or any candidate, but I'll take
anyone who's a bit more on stable ground than McCain. Holy cow.

In a comment on James' post, about Obama, the comment claims that…
"Every day a new skeleton comes out."

Do we have a list of these skeletons somewhere? Every day since when?
How many skeletons are there?

Does Obama have a track record in government of legislating along the
lines of what this supposed Manchurian Minister would dictate?

Is the Big Media doing a service or disservice on this topic? It seems
not to be digging deep about anything, certainly not about Obama's
actual track record and certainly not anything about the untouchable
McBush, I mean, McCain. The Big Media does seem determined to keep the
wound open and never find a way to close it one way or another.

People get the government and the media they deserve, to borrow a
phrase from Phil Windley.


I'll tell you what, looking at the comments over on James' post, it's *rul* scary how different people's opinions are from mine. There is a *huge* divide in our thinking. I don't know if I'm right or not, but I have my guesses.


Anonymous said...

It's a very odd thing. The MSM used to be very pro-Obama, but just before Pennsylvania, they switched, and now the only news they report on Obama is this crazy Wright thing as if Wright himself were running for the presidency. That's all they've got and they're beating it to death.

There's no shortage of skeletons in Hillary's closet, and the only people bringing them up are bloggers. When something new comes up it is completely ignored by MSM.

For the first time, I have actually paid attention to the MSM, tracking the stories that have been written by reporters for well-known publications. I'm kinda disgusted by what I've seen. The talking heads have no memory of anything other than the latest surface issue and refuse to take a deep look at just about anything. It's all incredibly shallow, and there is much lost in the process. Reason and thoughtfulness seem a thing of the past.

James Snell said...

There are skeleton's in everyone's closet. Those skeleton's are not the point. Many Conservative's are trying to make the claim that since Obama and Wright were "close", Obama must share the same beliefs as Wright. I am one conservative who doesn't share that position and who thinks any such argument is ludicrous. The issue is really one of judgment... as in, what does it say of Obama's judgment if he either a) knew this guy and attended his church for 20 years but never knew the kind of message the guy was preaching or b) knew this guy and attended his church for 20 years even tho he knew the kind of message the guy was preaching. Neither option is very positive. Remember, it was Obama who first claimed superior judgment. The Wright issue, beaten to death as it has been, should be taken as evidence that his judgment may not be as good as he's claiming it is. Has the whole thing gone off the rails and taken to the extreme? Absolutely. Will it continue? Absolutely. Unfortunately, Idiocy does not respect political affiliation and there are many many idiots on the Right. Personally, I'd like to see things get back to the core issues... such as discussing how idiotic Obama's capital gains tax hike is :-)

jarober said...

Well. Obama is an empty vessel, and he's been running as one. He's got virtually no record - he actively avoided having his fingerprints on anything in his state senate and us senate jobs.

To evaluate him, what does that leave us? It leaves us his judgment, which - conveniently - he says is why we should vote for him.

Well. He's had a nasty, racist, hate filled pastor as his "spiritual mentor" for 20 years. Said pastor didn't grow up hard, btw - he's led a comfortable middle class existence his wntire life.

Obama launched his political career in the house of Bill Ayers, unrepentant, bomb throwing terrorist.

Obama had his political career backed by the likes of Tony Rezko.

So - he's running on judgment, and we have no political record to deal with. How do you expect to see him judged? I'd say on his personal judgment. Based on the above, I'd have to say it's lacking. To be brutal, I have serious doubts about it. I don't like McCain (various reasons), and Clinton is, well, a Clinton. However, there are actual political things to judge those two on. With Obama? Not so much.

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