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Friday, August 22, 2008

Open Quote

An interesting idea...

OpenQuote is an open source, web based, insurance quotation solution which allows quotes to be produced, and products maintained, over the web. Any number of products can be configured to support any line of business via externalised product definitions and rules.


My Biscuit's Daddy said...

This caught my eye. I used to work in the insurance industry. I haven't looked at it. How do they handle the rater? That always seemed to be the catch with any new quote system.

Anonymous said...

The rating is handled using the drools rules engines. For OpenQuote rates are first entered into an excel spreadsheet (a favourite tool of underwriters and brokers!), then when the this sheet is submitted to OpenQuote, the rates are extracted for drools to utilise (using the spreadsheet directly would not be sensible for performance reasons - especially if you are processing thousands of quotes).
OpenQuote can support many different products simultaneously, each with their or rates and rating spreadsheets.

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