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Monday, August 18, 2008


Let's see. The open source community is at fault for not getting
Silverspoon running on Linux?


The article begs for sympathy...

"Now, one could get all huffy and puffy and blame Microsoft on this
state of affairs, but in this case, I have to lay this problem
strictly at the feet of the Open Source community. I know for a fact
that De Icaza and Microsoft have pretty much a completely open
relationship, they give him free flowing access to all the .NET API
documentation and their developers, he spends a good amount of time on
the Microsoft campus in Redmond, and Novell and Microsoft are
committed to both making .NET run on Linux. However, Novell and
Microsoft can only do so much to have the community contribute efforts
to keep .NET development at pace on Linux with Windows."

Yeah, right. The most successful software company on the planet could
fund the work if they wanted to. Maybe Linux is not a priority
Microsoft, I can understand that. Maybe Novell has enough troubles of
their own to get Microsoft's software running on Linux. I can
understand that.

Adobe has Flash / Flex / AIR running just fine on Linux. This is not a
technical problem. It's an organizational / business problem.

Maybe Linux does not need Silverspoon. Isn't open source a meritocracy
for software?


Fuzzyman said...

Or maybe Moonlight is making great progress. I think the Mono team is doing a fantastic job - and it isn't a situation in which anyone needs to be blamed. That would spoil your fun bashing Microsoft of course. ;-)

Running Python in the browser with Silverlight is great fun by the way, and there has been a lot of talk in the last few days about how the situation of Flash on Linux is not so great...

Patrick Logan said...

"That would spoil your fun bashing Microsoft of course. ;-)"

Harumph. Out of guilt I published your comment anyway.

I just like referring to that thing as "Silverspoon".

All 17MB of it!!!

Anonymous said...

No need to feel guilty, there's still the patent trap hanging over Moonlight.

("That's no moon!")

Fuzzyman said...

Heh. :-)

Silverspoon is a pretty good name. Is the runtime 17mb in total? The download is only 4mb.

Tim Anderson (UK journalist) has a pretty good write up of Silverlight (pros and cons).


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