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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Fall back men. There's people here who *yell*!

My wife works in the public school system. There're much worse stories than this, and sadly, they even involve kids, health, and well-being, which the following story does not really.

I am sorry. I cannot feel much sympathy for Philip Greenspun's tale of retreat to private schools. Better to have this kind of thinking isolated in the in-bred society anyway I guess. Make room for people who have the right attitude and can actually make a difference rather than just be a difference.

I too easily slip into cynism, and this is what I wrote on Philip's comment page...

Poor little thing. She even cried?

Must be rough. Retreat to the private school. Fall back, men.

Note to self: gotta close on the house in the gated community.

Hurry, men. There's people here who *yell*!

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