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Saturday, April 12, 2003

The Hundred Year Discussion on Language

The periodic static/dynamic discussion has reared its head in a more interesting way than usual on Lambda the Ultimate. My latest prgnostication goes as follows, but there are more interesting contributions than mine in this discussion.

First Alex Peake writes...

BTW, Smalltalk was conspicuously absent - a wonderfully productive dynamically typed, reflective,... development environment!

Nay, I say, the future is LISP (well Scheme maybe) and Smalltalk (if only someone could afford to Market either).

Python probably belongs in this category too, although it has way more cruft than Smalltalk or modern Lisps.

Very interesting thread here. One hundred years is a long time. I predict the next ten years will be more dynamic along these lines.

Perhaps after that better type checkers (but they'll just be called theorem provers), model checkers, etc. will provide more verification as systems begin to program themselves and each other with less manual input.

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